OUR VISION - To be an agent of change in the war against anti-corruption in Nigeria; employing every available means of eliminating greed, covetousness and all leftovers of corruption among the Nigerian Youth. In other words, helping to raise the future generation with an attitude of sacrifice rather than that of personal interest.

OUR MISSION - We work towards contributing to peace by showcasing the Art of Living together via respect, acceptance, dialogue, love and bridging-gaps between tribes, religions and ethnic differences. However, our main objectives amongst others are the alleviation of poverty amongst the Youth in Nigeria, as we deem it to be an order to reduce crime rate.

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    NYPAC 2010 - was one of the largest televised concert event in the history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the 8th of October, 2010 in Eagle Square, Abuja. Most remarkably, its was held during the week of the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria. . . More >>

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    Membership Online

    GNPAI Membership is open to non-governmental organizations, institutions, government agencies and the general public, whose core humanitarian aspiration is geared towards peace and the fight for a corrupt-free society in line with the Aims and Objective of GNPAI. . . More >>

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    GNPAI is open to a broad network of corporations, government organizations, education institutions, charitable foundations, international charities and individual donors to meet its aims and objectives in Nigeria, from youth empowerment  to education and skills. Giving Partners - GNPAI provides corporations and public sector organizations with effective ways to our course. In addition to youth empowerment programs, we work with our sponsors to create innovative solutions that meet their diverse interests and provide an effective and efficient approach to direct charitable gifts. More >>

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    Research Library

    GNPAI has amassed remarkable useful information. Working with our collaborators and alliance, We have compiled this research library with publications covering a number of information on corruption, peace issues, youth development issues, prisons, skill acquisition and training seminar campaigns from new trends to best practices. Browse the list below to read and download reports, studies and guides. More >>