GNPAI supports the growth and development of young people by strengthening the quality and increasing the availability of experiences offered by the organizations that serve them. We partner with community organizations, schools, colleges, policy makers, funders, and others to create programs, train staff, and develop policies that encourage and enable young people to transition successfully to adulthood. We help, assist and support youths who have a problem finding their place in the society, we rehabilitate troubled youths, as well as serve as a pointer to a brighter life.
GNPAI’s Keys to Quality Youth Development summarizes eight key elements of programs that successfully promote youth development. Such programs are physically and emotionally safe, and give youth a sense of belonging and ownership and foster their self-worth, allows them to discover their 'self' (identity, interests, strengths), foster high quality and supportive relations with peers and adults, help youth recognize conflicting values and develop their own, foster the development of new skills, have fun, and have hope for the future.
GNPAI suggests that helping young people achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviors. There are many variations of this approach but important constructs included in all variations are promoting a sense of safety; providing appropriate structures; creating supportive relationships; providing opportunities to belong; providing positive social norms; giving youth responsibilities and meaningful challenges; and providing opportunities for skill building. One of the hallmarks of the positive youth development movement is that it is built on a foundation of scientific research.
This is the transformational program of GNPAI in which unskilled youth are inculcated into constructive handiwork based on their chosen skill and vocation.

The youths at GNPAI will be taught different skills for example, Bead making, Hat making, Sewing, Hair dressing salon work, catering services, Baking, Shoes making, Beads making, Manufacturing of soaps, etc. Project monitors will be employed.
After every project, there will be an evaluation in order to ascertain the degree at which the youths are empowered.
The strategy focuses on five elements in empowering young people: find change, knowledge generation and sharing, skills development, Education of policy advocacy. The cause of empowering the youths interconnects qualitative education development-ICT as a means to education and improvement skills acquisition and social entrepreneurship.

At the centre of empowering the youths is education (formal informal) making education improvement paramount thus, the investment in early education is a necessity in the youth empowerment process. Our society presently needs encompassing youth strategy to adequately equip the younger generation for the future that is characterized by rapid changes, the existence of globalization, the development of the knowledge society and an ageing population.

The demographic trend makes the need more pressing, the pressure of supplying a growing elderly population will fall upon a declining numbers of workers, implying on the one hand, the importance of quality and updated education through ICT, on the other hand the need to better prepare the Nigerian youth through informal education for the benefit of our economy.
GNPAI grassroots programs for the youth is aimed at opening up minds to think positively and to help create ideas that would bring about change in growth and development. This programs initiate growth and a qualitative sense of productivity in the standard of living of our young at heart in the society, impacting them with the knowledge to become enterprising and industrious.
We organize workshops for unemployed in the grassroots giving them the opportunity to be productive and engaging them in different schemes that they can use to be beneficial to themselves and their society.

The program serves as :
-     Bridge for poverty alleviation
-     Employs strategies of engaging the restive youths in the rural areas
-     Employs strategies aimed at getting the youths to positive use of their skills towards opportunities and resources that would exploit potentials within and the environment around them.
That is what we do, part of the YES initiative; teaching the Youth at the rural locations skills that they can use to become young business owners and become financially independent, financially reliant instead of being unemployed in search for white collar jobs.
Some of the skills we impact in the grassroots include:

Sewing, Shoe Making, Baking, Hair Dressing/barbing, Furniture Making, Chalk Making, Making Detergents, beads making, bags making,
Photography, Auto Mechanics, Panel Beating, Making of Liquid Soaps, Computer Trainings, Dry Cleaning, Juice Making, and Many other trainings that builds self dependence for the Youth thereby keeping them off the streets and crime world.

We are optimistic that in the nearest future, with the vision we possess, hundreds of thousands of the Youth will receive our impart here in Nigeria and we currently working towards achieving this statistics.