GNPAI has been a household name in secondary and tertiary institutions across the country for the past 4 years, we are known for our intensive efforts in creating a balance between the youth of today and who they become in the future. This means we believe that the foundation of a youth plays a major role in who he/she turns out to be in the future.

You will definitely agree with me that if the foundation of a child is well ventilated, free from evil thoughts, crimes, mischief, lies, etc that child will grow up to be a much more reliable adult than one whose foundation has been twisted by all the above vices.
So, in schools we carry out lots of ORIENTATION PROGRAMS, SEMINARS, and WORKSHOPS with the aim of sanitizing the minds of these youths, in addition to these, we run VOCATIONAL SKILLS to arm them with handiworks so that when they leave schools they can put to use whatever they have learnt from us as a means of sustenance until they find their feet in their chosen careers.
Between February 2011 and February 2012 GNPAI engaged twenty five secondary schools around the federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria and it’s suburbs’ in vocational skills programs. The 2013 sessions are slated to begin from the month of April to last for another period of twelve months.

We welcome invitations from schools we have not been to who are in need of our services, there is no way GNPAI can be on ground in your school for three months without a positive change in your students behavioral attitudes etc.