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  Volunteering is a fundamental building blocks of civil society. It brings to life the noblest aspirations of humankind the pursuit of peace, freedom, opportunity, safety and justice for all people.

We are open to volunteers who are willing to contribute their quota positively to the organization and the society. And because we are made up of professionals, intellectuals’, and positive minded people working for a common goal joining Gnpai as a volunteer is always guaranteed to be a lifetime experience. With Gnpai you are stepping into a whole new world of care, opportunities and experiences. Contact us by calling our telephone lines, pay a visit to our office, or write to us at

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In this era of globalization and continuous change, the world is becoming smaller more inter-dependent, and more complex, volunteering in GNPAI either through individual or group actions enables:

1) Human values of community, caring and serving can be sustained and strengthened.
2) Individuals can exercise their rights and responsibilities as members of the organization or communities, while learning and grow throughout their lives, realizing their full human potentials.
3) Connections can be made across differences that push us apart so that we can live together in healthy, sustainable organization or communities working together to provide innovative solutions to our shared challenges and to shape our collective destinies.
4) It encourages shared value, principles for member individual and as a group the people to have the power to change the world.
5) It offers members right to freely offer their time talent, and energy to others and to the organization through individual and collective action, without expectation of financial reward.
6) It elicits the involvement of the entire members in identifying and addressing problems affecting our communities, and nation.
7) Encourages and enables youths to make leadership through service a continuing part of their lives.
8) It provides a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.
9) Enables you to acquire new knowledge and skills and fully develop their personal potentials self reliance and creativity.
10) Promotes families, community, national and global solidarity.
11) Provide volunteers with appropriate training, regular evaluation and recognition.
12) Empowers people to exercise their rights as human beings and, thus, to improve their lives.
13) Builds a more human and just society through organization cooperation.
14) Creating opportunities for them to reflect on and learn from their service.
15) Creating an environment for volunteer participation under the organization by so doing at the end commitment will bring about self satisfaction and fulfillment.
16) Volunteering participation culture encourages discovery and harnessing of human abundance resources towards natural development.
17) Volunteering participation enhance talents discovery and development of volunteers.

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