About Us

Welcome to GNPAI: United Against Corruption

GNPAI is a movement of change-makers determined to bring peace and eliminate corruption in our society. We’re a team of passionate individuals from different fields who believe that corruption is like a deep-rooted tree that needs to be uprooted. And the best way to do that is by focusing on the young minds.

Our mission is to empower the youth with the right mindset, skills, and values to become agents of change. We’re working to redirect their thinking away from corruption and towards a peaceful lifestyle.

We’ve already projects like NYPAC 2010, a massive concert event that brought together thousands of young people to promote peace and anti-corruption. Our founder, Vera Johnson, is a youth activist dedicated to fighting corruption and promoting positive change.

Our programs include prison decongestion and rehabilitation, youth empowerment schemes, and anti-corruption campaigns. We’re working with government agencies, international organizations, and local communities to make a difference.

Join us in our fight against corruption. Together, we can!”

GNPAI Founder, Vera Johnson standing beside a poster for NYPAC
GNPAI Founder, Vera Johnson receiving a peace award for excellence in her office

Our Vision and Mission


We envision a Nigeria where young people are empowered to build a corruption-free society, driven by integrity, selflessness, and the greater good. 


Our mission is to unite young Nigerians against corruption, promoting peace and understanding across tribes, religions, and ethnic differences. 

GNPAI's Achievements & Impactful Success Stories Highlighted & Celebrated

Three children smiling with the middle one stretching her hands in a bid for help.

GNPAI's Initiatives for Empowerment and Positive Change

GNPAI’s Initiatives Comes With the Vision to Help People Learn Peace Building and Anti-corruption, for Nigeria to be a Peaceful, and Happy Place.

GNPAI in Prisons

Helping Prisoners Become Good and Peaceful Again.

GNPAI In Schools

Teaching Student to be Kind, Honest, and Peaceful.


Empowering Young People to Acquire Skills, be Peaceful and to shun Corruption.


Helping People Who Were Displaced to Live in Peace.


Working to Make Nigeria a Happy and Peaceful Place.


Bringing Young Nigerians Together for Peace, Unity, and No Corruption through Concerts.

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GNPAI is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. We work together to make our community a better place. Please, Get Involved!

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Together, we can do it!

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