GNPAI: Empowering Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Towards a Peaceful Rehabilitation

Many people in Nigeria can’t stay in their homes because of insecurity caused by Boko Haram, Bandits, Herders and Kidnappers. These terrorists scare people and make them run away from their towns and villages. These people are called Internally Displaced Persons IDPs. They need our help, and GNPAI wants to give it to them! We want to bring them food, a safe place to sleep, and other things they need. We can’t do this without you!

These bad people caused a lot of trouble. Many people have gotten hurt, and their houses and shops have been destroyed. These people who have been forced to move have lost everything and need help to survive.

Big Problems in Nigeria

Terror groups like Boko Haram, herders who fight with farmers over land, and kidnappers cause a lot of trouble in Nigeria. These problems make people suffer terribly,  forcing many to move from their homes and affecting the economy. Boko Haram especially displaced many people and has made millions move since 2009 (UNICEF, 2022). Herders fighting with farmers has also caused many deaths and people to move, especially in the Middle Belt and Southern parts of Nigeria (Amnesty International, 2020). Kidnapping for money has become a lucrative business for these evil people, with many people being held captive for a long time, hurting them emotionally and costing families a lot of money (Nigerian Police Force, 2021).

  • Many people have been displaced, with over 2.5 million people forced to move and run from their  places within Nigeria (UNHCR, 2022)
  • Schools, hospitals, and homes to be destroyed (USAID, 2020)
  • Millions of people to need food, a safe place to sleep, and medical care (OCHA, 2022)
  • The economy to lose a lot of money, about $2.5 billion every year (World Bank, 2020)
  • More poverty, unfairness, and unrest in society (NBS, 2021)

Note: We used information from trusted organizations.

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Problems with School, Healthcare, and Funding

  • Boko Haram has attacked schools and taken students, making it hard for many children to get an education (UNICEF, 2022).
  • Attacks on hospitals and doctors have made it hard for people to get medical care, making the problems worse (WHO, 2020).
  • These problems in Nigeria have affected the economy a lot, making it harder for the country to develop (World Bank, 2020).
  • The fighting and unrest have caused more social problems, fighting between groups of people, and threats to national security (NBS, 2021).

Helping Displaced People in Need

  • It’s very hard to help displaced people in need because there isn’t enough money, it’s dangerous in some areas, and it’s hard to reach some displaced people who need help (OCHA, 2022).
  • People who bring aid and help others are sometimes kidnapped or attacked (UNICEF, 2022).
  • Some people believe the Nigerian government hasn’t done enough to help, making the problems worse (Amnesty International, 2020).

Help from Other Countries

  • Other countries have given some aid to Nigeria, including money to help people and soldiers to fight Boko Haram (USAID, 2020).
  • More needs to be done to fix the root causes of the problems and find lasting solutions (UN Security Council, 2020).

These problems caused by Boko Haram, herders, and kidnappers have been terrible, hurting many people in Nigeria. It’s important for the Nigerian government and other countries to work together to annex the problems and find ways to bring lasting peace, safety, and development to Nigeria.

GNPAI Helps in Emergencies

GNPAI works hard to help communities in Nigeria that have been affected. Our team of experts, partners  , and volunteers can help with:

  • Food and Water: GNPAI can bring food and water to people who have been displaced and to communities.
  • Shelter: We can give displaced people temporary places to stay, and materials to rebuild their homes.
  • Medical Care: GNPAI medical teams can give medical care, treatment, and help injured people get to hospitals.
  • Help Coping with Problems: Our counselors can talk to people and help them deal with emotional stress.
  • Schools and Keeping Children Safe: We can make temporary places for children to learn and give them school supplies so they can keep learning. We also can work to protect children from being hurt or used by bad people.
  • Jobs and Money: GNPAI can help people learn new skills, get jobs, and support themselves and their families again.

Our help is given based on the ideas of being neutral, impartial, and independent so it can go to people who need it most, no matter who they are or where they are from.

GNPAI Can Help People Rebuild Their Lives

In addition to helping in emergencies, GNPAI can also work on long-term programs to help displaced people and communities affected in Nigeria rebuild their lives. Our programs focus on:

  • Bringing Communities Back Together: We can work with communities with displaced persons to get back to their homes, and to live peacefully with their neighbors again.
  • Jobs and Making a Living: GNPAI can help displaced people get training, resources, and support so they can start working and making a living.
  • Fixing Homes and Communities: We work with local leaders to rebuild important things in communities that have been destroyed, such as schools, hospitals, and water systems.
  • Education and Learning New Skills: Our programs help people get a good education, learn new skills, and improve themselves so they can rebuild their lives and their communities.
  • Healthcare and Dealing with Emotional Stress: GNPAI offers complete healthcare services, including help with mental health problems, to help people recover from what they have been through and rebuild their lives.
  • Empowering Women and Young People: We make programs that especially help women and young people so they can have a fair chance.

Through our vision and mission, we aim to address the root causes of the problems displaced persons face while helping them to recover sustainably in Nigeria.

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