Empowering Nigerian Students for Peace and Success

Empowering Young Minds

As the saying goes, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”? Well, at GNPAI, we believe that’s true! And that’s why we’ve been working super hard for the past years to help shape the minds of young people in secondary and tertiary institutions all over Nigeria. We think it’s really important to help young people build a strong foundation for their future – a foundation that’s built on peace, unity, and corruption-free values.

Transforming schools into hubs of peace and integrity, shaping students into responsible leaders and citizens

A GNPAI representative leading a discussion on peacebuilding in GNPAI schools program with a classroom of engaged Nigerian students in Nigeria.

Peace, Unity, and Corruption-Free Values

We go into schools and run orientation programs, seminars, and workshops to help clean up any negative thoughts and ideas that might be floating around. We teach them about the importance of peace, conflict resolution, and anti-corruption values, so they can grow up to be leaders who will make a difference. We want to help young people think positively, make good choices, and become corruption-free leaders!

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

Founder Vera Johnson with Nigerian Students in GNPAI Schools program

In the past, we’ve partnered with 25 secondary schools in Abuja and its surrounding areas to provide vocational skills training, peace education, and anti-corruption values. We’ve seen positive changes in student behavior and attitudes. We’re preparing to launch new programs and look forward to working with more students to support their growth and development. If you’re a school interested in our programs, we’d be happy to discuss how we can collaborate. 

Help Us Build a Peaceful and Corruption-Free Nation!

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A GNPAI representative leading a discussion on peacebuilding in GNPAI schools program with a classroom of engaged Nigerian students in Nigeria.

Gnpai in Schools: Empowering Students for Success

We believe every student has the potential to achieve great things. Our program is designed to empower students to succeed in life.

Our programs include:

  • Orientation Programs
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Vocational Skills Training

Orientation Programs

Our orientation programs help students understand the importance of values like honesty, integrity, and hard work. We want to help students develop a strong moral compass that will guide them throughout their lives, promoting peace and anti-corruption.

Seminars and Workshops

Our seminars and workshops help students develop important skills like leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills. We want to help students become confident and independent individuals who can achieve their goals, promoting peace and anti-corruption in all they do.

Vocational Skills Training

Our vocational skills training programs help students develop practical skills that they can use to succeed in life. We offer courses in areas like tailoring, carpentry, catering, and more, promoting entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.

Benefits for Students

By participating in GNPAI programs, students can:

  • Develop important skills and values that will help them succeed in life
  • Learn how to promote peace and anti-corruption in their community
  • Make new friends and connections who share their values
  • Gain practical experience and skills that can help them achieve their goals

Did you know that:

  • 70% of students who participate in extracurricular activities tend to perform better academically and have better social skills?
  • 80% of students who receive mentorship and guidance are more likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education, promoting peace and anti-corruption in their communities?

At GNPAI, we can impact a better future for a Nigerian child. We’re committed to empowering students, especially young ones, with the skills and knowledge they need to promote peace, transparency, and accountability.

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