We Build Peace and We Fight Corruption In Nigeria Through Empowerment!

At GNPAI, we believe everyone has a role to play in creating a peaceful and corruption-free Nigeria. We're a passionate people working together to make a positive impact.

What We Do

GNPAI works on several important initiatives to promote peace and transparency in Nigeria:

A GNPAI volunteer facilitating a group therapy session with inmates at a Nigerian prison through GNPAI prison reform program in Nigeria.

Building Hope Behind Bars: GNPAI Prison Programs

We’re helping prisoners find hope and a second chance.

A GNPAI representative leading a discussion on peacebuilding in GNPAI schools program with a classroom of engaged Nigerian students in Nigeria.

GNPAI in Schools: Empowering Young Minds for Peace

We’re teaching students the importance of peace and anti-corruption.

A young Nigerian woman proudly showing off a dress she made during a GNPAI YES training session

GNPAI YES (Youth Empowerment Scheme: Equipping Changemakers

We’re empowering young people with valuable skills to become peace-builders and change-makers.

A group of young Nigerians participating in a GNPAI HIPIN workshop, practicing conflict resolution techniques

GNPAI HIPIN (Help Increase Peace in Nigeria)

We’re Working to Help Increase Peace So More People Can  Live in Peace

A GNPAI volunteer distributing essential supplies to families living in an IDP camp in Nigeria

GNPAI Support in IDP Camps: Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope

We’re supporting internally displaced persons affected by conflict and helping them rebuild their lives.

A group of young Nigerians raising their hands in solidarity at a NYPAC Concert organized by GNPAI

GNPAI NYPAC (Nigerian Youth Peace and Anti-Corruption Concert)

We’re organizing concerts and events to bring young people together to promote peace and anti-corruption.


We’re a group of passionate people from different walks of life, working together to contribute towards a better country. We think corruption hurts our society, so we want it to stop! Corruption is like a big, ugly cloud that makes it hard for people to live happy lives. We want to chase that cloud away and bring sunshine!

We’re not just talking; we’re taking action! We’re gathering smart professionals to find ways to make a real difference. We’re like a big, strong team working together towards building a peaceful and corrupt-free nation. We want people to be treated fairly and we  want them to have a chance to live peacefully.

Why not join us to build a nation where corruption is gone! Let’s work together, make a big change, and create a happy future! We can do it if we stand together and support the GNPAI Initiatives. Let’s build a peaceful tomorrow, today!


Build Peace & Corruption – Free Society Today. ” -GNPAI

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Empower Change: Support GNPAI's Mission to Build a Peaceful and Corruption-Free Nation

Your generosity can make a real difference in the fight against corruption and the pursuit of peace. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to a society where people can be happy. Your support will help us:

– Develop innovative strategies to combat corruption
– Empower marginalized communities to demand justice
– Advocate for policy changes that promote transparency and accountability

Donate today and be a part of the change you want to see!”

Help Us Build a Peaceful and Corruption-Free Nation!

We need your help to chase away corruption and bring peace to everyone! Your donation will help us. Every little bit counts! $100, $500, $1000, or more, can make a big difference.  Donate now and be a Peace Ambassador, be a hero!







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Comments from our Peace Ambassadors

Our Peace Ambassadors Share Their Stories: Testimonies from Those Who’ve Seen the Impact.

Tu face, Nigerian musician

Tu Face

GNPAI’s peace concert unites Nigerians, promoting harmony and tolerance, a step towards unity, encouraging oneness, to live in peace and harmony if we come together.

I go Die, Nigerian Comedian

I Go Die

GNPAI’s anticorruption empowers citizens to speak out, exposing wrongdoing and demanding accountability, creating a culture of transparency and good governance.

Gordons Nigerian Comedian


GNPAI’s education programs enlighten youth on their rights, fostering a generation of informed and engaged citizens, equipped to build a better Nigeria for themselves and their communities.


Join the Team! Be a GNPAI Volunteer

Help make Nigeria peaceful and corruption-free! Join GNPAI as a volunteer and be part of a team that cares. We need people like you to help us make a difference. Yes, we can make a change!

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